Human Resource Management


The expertise and commitment of our 2,517 employees in the four regions, their mutual cooperation and communication are key factors for the professionalism and decisiveness of organisation. Only with their dedication can we provide the desired quality in our products and our services. We are committed to employing a diverse workforce and we pay particular attention to the welfare and safety of our employees.

Q-Park attaches great value to strengthening the company culture, and does this, for example, by anchoring our four core values: customer focus, quality focus, team work and results. Education and training are instruments to embed these core values in our thinking and doing.

Despite our international scale of operations we are very aware of the importance of the human dimension in our company and in society. Our services are organised very locally, close to our customers. Our operational employees are the face of Q-Park to customers visiting our parking facilities. Our QCR employees are the voice of Q-Park. It is extra important for this group of employees that they are customer-friendly and attentive.

Customer Service Academy

Customer focus is a theme that has had our special attention for many years. In September 2014, Q-Park launched the Customer Service Academy in cooperation with the Servicecentrum Limburg Competent, a regional training centre near the Q-Park head office, who will be organising ‘customer focus’ training courses for us at MBO, HBO and university levels. All these training courses will focus on providing service, customer focus and customer experience. Besides being available to Q-Park's employees, the training courses are open to employees of other organisations. Other organisations, such as the municipality of Maastricht, Vodafone and Arvato have already joined the initiative. The first MBO Customer Services training programme commenced in October. In due course, this programme will be adapted to suit other educational levels.

“Taking the lead in Customer Focus training”

“In our organisation, high quality customer-focused services form the core of the company”, according to Mark van Haasteren, Managing Director at Q-Park Netherlands. “There was no training course specifically for this theme, and in our opinion, this was a lost opportunity. That is why we have taken the lead. What's more, it is a great boost for the South Limburg region, which is home to many customer service oriented organisations. Furthermore, the region is easily accessible from Germany and Belgium. The training programmes are not only good for the mobility of customer service employees between the various organisations in South Limburg, they are also good for the reputation of various branches.”

Job opportunities for the low-skilled workers

Our social relevance for operational employees is great. Many areas in which the low-skilled could achieve something are disappearing in the internet economy. Together with the retail and cleaning industries, we are providing employment for a group of people in society who would otherwise find it very difficult to get a job. We are a binding factor for them; we offer varied work with a certain status, so these employees feel appreciated. The social side is also part of the quality aspect of Q-Park.

Resilient to aggression and violence

Because they have direct contact with our customers, our employees occasionally encounter less charming aspects of human interaction, such as aggression or violence. We are very aware of how threatening and traumatic such situations can be. We look after our employees and take special care of them if they have been victims of verbal abuse and/or physical violence. We endeavour to make them more resilient by providing conflict management training. In 2014, 550 employees followed such a training programme.

Employee satisfaction survey

Each year Q-Park organises an employee satisfaction survey. The results – which differ substantially per country and per location – are used to maintain and, where possible, increase employee motivation and commitment. We have been using a single survey in the four regions since 2013. This enables us to compare results and to tune policy to the findings.



This year we have divided the ten Q-Park countries into regions. The countries in the regions are a good match in terms of culture, business model and economic clout. Dividing the countries into regions enables us to be an even better service provider to our parking customers and partners. This also increases our efficiency and effectiveness because we can make use of shared facilities and far-reaching standardisation.

We now have four regions:

More information about our organisation can be found in our Governance section.