Great Britain

Great Britain showed above-average performance throughout the year, resulting in a higher operational result than in 2013. The result was positively influenced by a strict cost reduction programme. New facilities were opened in Manchester, Deansgate, Chelmsford and Greater London (Meadows). A number of promising projects are in the pipeline for 2015. Sales activities were more effective because the customer information system was further integrated with the other business information systems. The online strategy was worked out in more detail in order to generate more revenue from customers who visit Q-Park online. This had visible results – online sales continued to grow.


The operational result was lower than expected. The main reason being the lack of promising new facilities. Only a few small management contracts could be signed. Christchurch in Dublin opened earlier than planned, which was a real boost. The price differentiation programme in Cork is beginning to bear fruit. Preparations are being made to streamline organisational facilities with Great Britain.