In Sweden, we have completed the acquisition of Mobil Park, the number three in the Swedish car parking market. With this, we have been able to add almost 300 contracts to our portfolio, of which 80 per cent are in cities where Q-Park is already active. This helps us to fulfil our ambition to condense our activities at the best locations. Sweden booked good results with cost reductions, mainly in the area of payment transactions with debit cards.


Denmark has had a mediocre year, particularly due to disappointing results from enforcement activities. Our collaboration with EasyPark has been expanded to car parks in Copenhagen. The accessibility of the Nørreport car park in the capital city has been improved significantly. We observe a consolidation among the smaller Danish parking companies. The investments required for enforcement and car parks are not viable for many smaller parties. We are assessing how we can benefit from this situation.


Norway achieved a higher operational result than in 2013 and, with this, continued the upward trend. Some large contracts were renewed, for example Lillestrom Railway Station and Kolbotn Torg. The preparations for providing parking facilities for students in Oslo have been put into motion. We are also agreeing more and more contracts with EasyPark in Norway. New legislation concerning the maximum fee for enforcement activities in private car parks will have a negative impact on revenue in the course of 2015.


Finland had an excellent year with an operational result that far exceeded the result in 2013. Finland is preparing for a long period of lower economic growth. Our Finnish activities grew mainly through new contracts, such as OP Pohjola in Helsinki and Stella Business Park in Espoo. New contracts are also in the pipeline for the first quarter of 2015. Our collaboration with Citycon is beginning to pay off. Citycon is our partner in paid parking at mega shopping centres just outside Helsinki.